Because of the nature of shrink sleeve labels, a designer must be aware of artwork distortion issues.

Drew & Rogers has a full graphics team dedicated to making your project a success.

The following steps may be necessary in creating successful art files needed to print shrink sleeve labels.

  1. Send us an actual container – we will measure the container and send you an .eps file that your designer can put artwork into it. We can work with a container drawing from the manufacturer but we have found that an actual container is the best way to go when it comes to container distortion.
  2. Send us the composed artwork and we will send you a flat or 3 dimensional PDF or hard copy proof.
  3. Press proofs are available at an additional cost.
  4. For continuous machine applications it will be necessary for us to send you “grid” film. These grid sleeves will be made from the same film material used in production. It will be necessary for you or the “filler” to test a roll and make sure the film performs on their application equipment before production.
  5. Press proofs are available for continuous roll jobs as well at an additional cost.

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